Energies Best Paper Award Winner

The Energies Best Paper Award winner selected and announced at the MEDPOWER 2018 Closing Ceremony is:

1st place:

Strategic Participation of Merchant Energy Storage in Joint Energy Reserve and Balancing Markets
By: Schillemans, Arthur; De Vivero Serrano, Gustavo; Bruninx, Kenneth

From: KU Leuven

With runner ups:

2nd place: Day-Ahead Management of Smart Homes Considering Uncertainty and Grid Flexibilities
by: Correa-Florez, Carlos Adrian; Michiorri, Andrea; Gerossier, Alexis;  Kariniotakis, Georges

From: MINES ParisTech, PSL-Research University

2nd place: An Auction for Financial Storage Rights
by: Alam, Abu; Taylor, Joshua

From: University of Toronto

3rd place: A Detailed Li-ion Battery Operation Model for Day-ahead Economic Dispatch
by: Gonzalez-Castellanos, Alvaro; Pozo, David; Bischi, Aldo

From: Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology